What’s it like being 57 years old…

I recently became 57 years old on: 18th April 2020.

This particular birthday was not an altogether easy one.

— — -

Number one, my mum died: 27th November 2019 aged 93+; I cannot say enough how ‘lonely’ that event makes me feel…especially…

Well, whaddya know I went an’ joined Medium, tonight: Sat 8th Oct 2016 01:41 AM GMT (UK/London); already, I feel I just died and went straight up to Nerd Heaven! It looks to be a very interesting place…; and, I’m certainly looking to find good/or, even ‘great’ articles that are well worthwhile seeing/reading/following. Anyway, sure as hellfire don’t HURT, I really hope to ENJOY…! ;-)

Paul Ramnora

Straight single male, 55, London, UK. Autistic: AS/Asperger's Syndrome. ADD/Attention Deficit Disorder. BP/BIPolar. PTSD/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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